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     When it comes to advertising, marketing and promotion, the Internet is inarguably one of the most effective and powerful mediums at your disposal. In this day & age, however, spending your advertising dollars wisely is of the utmost importance ... and choosing the right websites to advertise on or otherwise support can mean the difference between money well-spent and money wasted. Are you reaching the people you want or need to? Are your ads getting lost in a sea of others? Are you being given proper consideration, guidance and assistance as an advertiser? Are you being shown big numbers and confusing statistics, but not seeing results?
     At BilltownLIVE, we've made the conscious decision to limit the number of ads on any given page, to properly place ads on pages with related content, and to only work with and support local advertisers. On BilltownLIVE, your ads won't be competing with national chains or corporate entities for attention, we do not make use of Google Ads, pop-ups or irrelevant “pay-per-click” linked ads, and because we are "focal on local," your ads will be reaching the thousands of people you most want to reach ... the people that live in, work in and visit this area, and that will patronize your establishment, utilize your services, buy your goods, attend your event, or join your cause.
     In fact, we are so committed to supporting local prosperity and community enhancement that we'll tell you if our website isn't a good "fit" for you, and we'll even make recommendations as to where you could better invest your advertising dollars to achieve the success you're hoping for.
     By partnering with, sponsoring, or advertising on BilltownLIVE, you'll not only be spending your advertising dollars very wisely, you'll also be supporting our community-minded goals toward playing an important role in the ongoing renaissance of Williamsport and toward enhancing the quality of life in our community.
     Please feel free to read more about us, and we'll look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!
  A guaranteed, targeted audience of local & regional residents & visitors.
  Thousands of people visit every month ... regularly ... and they stay on our website five times
    longer than the Internet average. We have the highest loyalty of visitors of any local website of its kind.
  Limited advertisements on each page of the website ensures that your ad stands out.
  We do not accept national advertisers or utilize such services as Google Ads, and we do not make use of or allow
    "pop-ups," "mouse-over" audio or image expansion. We believe that ads should garner attention by their merit and
    relevant value, and not by annoying, confusing or misdirecting our visitors (and your customers).
  We advertise and promote BilltownLIVE through a wide variety of mediums, including the Internet and social
    media, newspaper & print, radio, billboards, theatre marquees, brochures & show programs, strategically placed
    marketing materials such as posters, handbills and business cards, direct linkage to us on a variety of other
    websites, press releases and more. We continually strive to drive traffic to BilltownLIVE ... and consequently to
    your advertisements. Since our founding in 2003, we have achieved incredibly solid branding success.
  Partners and Sponsors receive mentions on BilltownLIVE’s Facebook page and Twitter account, with
    announcements of specials, events, sales or other noteworthy news.
  By advertising on BilltownLIVE, you'll be showing your commitment to our goals and consequently showing your
    commitment to your community, garnering you a very positive image. We offer the widest variety of advertising
    options possible to best suit your needs and budget, too, from top, bottom, and half-page banners to sidebar ads,
    from featured listings in our directories to "floating" graphic links, and from "suggestion" message lines to
    site-wide ad saturation for Partners or Sponsors.
  We will happily design your advertisement at no additional charge.
  Your advertisement(s) are rotated throughout the site on a regular basis for maximum visibility, unless you
    choose specific pages for your ad(s) to be placed and remain on.
  We offer advertisement exclusivity. For example, your restaurant could have the only dining advertisement on
    a given page for the time period you advertise within.
  Receive additional discounts by choosing an annual rate. Easier management and bigger savings! Additional
    discounts are also offered to advertisers that place prominent linkage to BilltownLIVE on their own website as
    a show of support for our goals.
  Members of the Williamsport Business Association receive a 20% discount on advertising.
  Non-profit organizations receive a 20% discount on advertising.
  Custom packages that combine our various advertising options are available upon request.
Partnership role is not available at this time.

Six (6) Sponsorship roles are currently available. Sponsors receive advertisements on every page of BilltownLIVE, featured listings in all applicable directories and the calendar (plus placement at the top of each applicable directory, and direct linkage from our homepage.

BilltownLIVE supports a variety of local, non-profit organizations contributing to the cultural enrichment of our community. Support roles in addition to our existing relationships are available to qualifying organizations or associations whom, in return, place prominent linkage to BilltownLIVE on their own website and/or social media pages. BilltownLIVE Supporters receive free featured listings (when applicable), no-charge mid-page text advertisements or mid-page banners (space permitting), linkage on our homepage, and mentions on our social media pages.

  Side-Bar Advertisements - 250px W x up to 150px H
  Side-Bar Advertisements - 250px W x up to 400px H
  Side-Bar Ad w/ weekly updates - 250px W (homepage and select directories only)
  Mid-Page Banner (small) – 700px W x 80px H
  Mid-Page Banner - 700px W x 150px H
  Mid-Page Banner w/ weekly updates - 700px W (homepage and select directories only)
  Mid-Page Half Banner - 350px W x 150px H
  Mid-Page Half Banner w/ weekly updates - 350px W (homepage and select directories only)
  Bottom Full Banner - 700px W x up to 400px H
  Bottom Full Banner w/ weekly updates - 700px W x up to 400px H
  Bottom Half Banner - 350px W x up to 400px H
  Featured Directory Listings (includes thumbnail image/logo, links, and brief business description)
  Featured Event Calendar Listing (includes thumbnail, links, and event description)
  Mid-Page Text Advertisement (A "Might We Suggest ..." text ad placed in directories)
  Floating Graphic Ad – Approximately 100px X 100 px, included in directories
  Advertisement Exclusivity

Single webpages are available through BilltownLIVE to local businesses and/or organizations that don’t have a web presence of their own, and that don’t have a budget (or need) for a full-blown website. Your web address would be a sub-domain of BilltownLIVE, with a web address such as Your webpage would be custom-designed, can include links to other online presences (such as Facebook) and would be updated upon request.

  Partnership Role = $2,500 annually
  Sponsorship Role = $1,600 annually
  Side-Bar Advertisements (sm) = $60 for 6 months, $100 annually
  Side-Bar Advertisements (lg) = $90 for 6 months, $150 annually
  Side-Bar Ad w/ weekly updates = $120 for 6 months, $200 annually
  Mid-Page Banner (small) = $60 for 6 months, $100 annually
  Mid-Page Banner = $90 for 6 months, $150 annually
  Mid-Page Banner w/ updates = $150 for 6 months, $250 annually
  Mid-Page Half Banner = $60 for 6 months, $100 annually
  Mid-Page Half Banner w/ updates = $90 for 6 months, $150 annually
  Bottom Full Banner = $180 for 6 months, 300 annually
  Bottom Full Banner w/ updates = $240 for 6 months, $400 annually
  Bottom Half Banner = $120 for 6 months, $200 annually
  Featured Directory Listings = $60 annually (for all applicable directories, not just one)
  Featured Event Calendar Listing = $10 per event
  Mid-Page Text Advertisement = $30 for 6 months, $50 annually (for three mentions)
  Floating Graphic Ad = $60 annually (for four ads)
  Advertisement Exclusivity = Add 50% to selected advertisement option(s)
  Web Pages = $200 Annually

  20% off any ad option(s) for Williamsport Business Asssociation members
  20% off any ad option(s) for non-profit organizations
  50% off any ad option(s) for musicians, bands, and creative artists

  Side-bar rates are for four ads, not just one!
  Mid-page rates are for three ads, not just one!
  Bottom banner rates are for two ads, not just one!
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