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    is dedicated to supporting and promoting our musical and artistic community, enhancing the awareness of our area's cultural richness and offerings, warmly welcoming our area's visitors, tourists, new neighbors and student residents, and along the way ... bettering our quality of life in Williamsport and the surrounding area. Quite simply, we're here because we care, and we take great pride in the city and region we call "home."

However, BilltownLIVE is much more than the area's most popular website about what to do, see and experience in the Williamsport area. Born of deep hometown affection and nurtured by a incredible cultural scene that surprises even the most cosmopolitan of visitors, BilltownLIVE is a community-minded endeavor to create an unmatched model for cooperative involvement toward a common goal of prosperity and pride.

While our primary purpose may be to offer residents, visitors, neighbors, businesses and organizations an online resource of invaluable benefit ... our ultimate goal is to create something very special and much more important and lasting. We maintain a belief that through mutually-beneficial, cooperative effort and shared vision, it is well within our power to not only create an unmatched online presence for our community, but also create a unique model for progressive, proactive effort that fosters pride, garners involvement, captures attention, returns sensibility and advances wisdom toward the care, protection and preservation of our region's past, present and future. We encourage you to read more about our concept of Cooperative Community Marketing a little further on in this document.

BilltownLIVE proudly supports, promotes and/or is partnered with many community organizations and local associations, including the Community Arts Center, Williamsport Business Association, Lycoming Arts Alliance (First Fridays, Public ArtWorks, Central Pa Film Office), Williamsport Symphony Orchestra, Connect Williamsport Community Calendar, Uptown Music Collective, Billtown Blues Association, Williamsport Parking Authority, Williamsport Chamber Choir & Orchestra, Billtown Film Festival, WVYA 89.7FM Public Radio, and WXPI-FM 88.5 Community Radio and more.

We look forward to playing a lead role in the ongoing renaissance of Williamsport, in helping to fulfill the promise of our city's future, and to giving ourselves, as a community-at-large, a web presence and image that effectively and properly reflects the spirit, pride, history, warmth, values, diversity and significance that defines us.

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